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Alaska Susitna Charters

3900 South Tustin Dr.

Palmer AK 99645

(907) 745-1712

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As you are fishing from our boat on a beautiful Alaskan day you might find yourself testing the guides' knowledge of the river and visiting with your friends. Your rod bounces as if a trout is biting a lure. This is not a bite- your guide reassures you. He says you will have no doubt in your mind when a Chinook, King Salmon as it is commonly referred to in Alaska, bites. Your rod suddenly surges as if you have hooked a car passing you unseen under the water. You set the hook with a force that equals that of the bite. Your guide proclaims "Fish on, everyone reel in your lines," and your adventure has begun as the mighty King Salmon strips line down stream at a staggering pace. This is the thrill of a lifetime and there is nothing like the adrenaline rush that you will have fighting this King of the river.

The Alaskan King Salmon is one of the most sought after freshwater game fish species. King Salmon are the largest salmon in the Pacific, and run from saltwater into the Little Susitna River. With Alaska Susitna Charters you can fish for King Salmon on Little Susitna River from late May through early July. The Little Susitna River's King Salmon average just over 30 pounds, with 40 - 50 pound fish caught on a regular basis, with a few exceptional fish being landed in the 60-pound range.

"My first King Salmon of my life was caught while fishing with Greg and it was a catch of a lifetime. I willrecommend Alaska Susitna Charters to all of my friends" Art Kleimer

"Fishing With Greg has been great. We love the service he provides." Patty McGrath, Big Lake