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Alaska Susitna Charters

3900 South Tustin Dr.

Palmer AK 99645

(907) 745-1712

(907) 355-1712


What you need Fishing License, King Stamp, Lunch, Snack & Drinks, Warm Clothes, Rain Gear, Cooler or bag for your catch.

Directions to the Little Susitna River,

The Little Susitna River is a 90-minute drive North of Anchorage or 45 minutes from Wasilla. From Anchorage the best route is taking 6th Avenue East, as you leave town this road will become the Glenn Highway.
Stay on the main Highway and about 35 miles out of Anchorage it becomes the Parks Highway as it bends towards Wasilla. Turn left at the fourth traffic light on the Parks Highway as you drive into Wasilla (Main Street intersection) this road becomes Knik - Goose Bay Road as it leaves Wasilla. 17.2 miles Southwest from Wasilla on Kink-Goose Bay Road turn right onto Pt. MacKenzie Road.
Travel along Pt. MacKenzie Road until it dead ends at the T. Turn right at the T onto gravel, proceed a quarter of a mile and turn left onto Ayrshire Road. Approximately 2.5 miles down Ayrshire make one final right hand turn onto Little Su Access Road. The Turn is at an Y in the road and proceeds approximately 2 miles to the Little Susitna River Public Use Facility campground and boat launch. Daily parking costs $5. Highway and road driving times from Anchorage are approximately 90 minutes for morning trips, but may take longer for afternoon trips.
Standard meeting times for Little Susitna River is 5:30 a.m. for morning trips and 12 Noon for afternoon trips.
We meet our guests at the rivers; you'll find us in the boat launching or mooring areas, waiting for you, cutting up fish from our previous charter, or getting the boat ready for your trip. Since there are usually few people standing around the boat launch, we're easy to find. If you should have trouble finding us, just ask for Greg Giauque or Alaska Susitna Charters.