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Alaska Susitna Charters

3900 South Tustin Dr.

Palmer AK 99645

(907) 745-1712

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Come enjoy a trip fishing for Pike that promises to be a day of fishing that you are not soon to forget.

The Northern pike are active on our remote lake and offer explosive action for any angler that pursues this highly predatory fish. Imagine- you cast into a calm bay with glassy water as the sun dips low in the evening sky. Your top water plug spreads ripples across the water as it lands ten feet from the shore. Your guide tells you to wait for a minute and then he gives you the ok and you start your retrieve. As your plug begins to move, three pike explode from the shore, leaving a wake like a torpedo as they rush for their prize. Your job is to wait for the hit, If you can bear the suspense you will have your prize.

Our roomy 22-foot boat allows anglers to constantly fish new water without getting out in order to pursue pike. We gladly welcome fly fisherman and bow fisherman on our charters.

Pike trips are either full day trips or spend A day and a half fishing during our overnight trip. Our full day charters are 12+ hours in length and offer 8 full hours of fishing. Our over night trip provides anglers with an evening stay in our cabin with 1 1/2 days of non-stop fishing action.



A view of Mount McKinley and Mount Forraker durring the boat trip for a Pike fishing adventure.

July 2010 Special

Pike Fishing Single Day- $250.00 per person

Overnight Pike Trip- $350.00 Per person

We have a three person minimum and all pike trips have an applicable fuel surcharge when fuel is above $4.00/ gallon.

What to Bring: (Day Trip) Alaska Fishing License, Warm Clothing, Warm Boots, Rain Gear, Lunch & Snacks, Sun block, Sunglasses, Insect Repellent & Camera

What to Bring: (Overnight) Alaska Fishing License, Bedding, Warm Clothing, Warm Boots, Rain Gear, food for the trip, Toiletries, Sun block, Sunglasses, Insect Repellent & Camera