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Alaska Susitna Charters

3900 South Tustin Dr.

Palmer AK 99645

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Silver Salmon:
Known for their explosive power and drag searing runs. Fish the scenic Little Susitna River for Coho (Silver) Salmon. The Little Susitna River is one of Alaska's premier salmon rivers and readily accessable from Anchorage for full and half day fishing adventures at a fraction of the price of other river systems.

Fish for salmon as the Little Susitna River teems with schools of Silver, Chum, Red and Pink Salmon. These species will start running in July and will be present until late August.

You can fish with up to five of your closest friends during the peak of the Coho Salmon season on the Little Susitna River. Our philosophy is to have fun and have our clients catch fish on any rod type they desire.

"This was a trip of a lifetime and Greg had us on huge schools of salmon from the start. It was unbeleivable" Alan Buckman, Kansas

" Arlene and I have fished with Alaska Susitna Charters for King Salmon and Silver Salmon.We always catch fish and have a great time." William Nye, Colorado






"Fly fishing for Silvers with a 4wt fly rod was a kick in the pants, Thanks for a great time Greg." Doug Unruh, Kansas