Fishing with a buddy…

Good Fishing Buddies are hard to come by. Fishing is a solitary sport, but it does help to have another person along, especially for the first time. Not only does it take two hands to fish, but you also lessen your chances of being eaten by bears or mountain lions if there’s somebody else around who can carry their own weight (and yours).

So, how do you find this fishing buddy? If you’re like me, then your friends know that you love fishing and they’re probably sick of seeing you walk around with all those expensive fishing poles sticking out of your backpack. They don’t understand what the big deal about the outdoors is (apparently because they live in cubicles) and they would rather not go outside at all than waste their time searching for fish that are just gonna get away.

So, what’s the next best thing? Fishing buddies online! All you need to do is search around on some fishing blogs and forums – like Fishing Buddies Online Fishing Forum  – and you should be able to find somebody (a man or a woman) who loves fishing as much as you do. With Fishing Buddy Finder , it should be easier than ever to connect with people in your area. When you hook up with this person, make sure that they’re carrying enough equipment for both of you (like Fishing Buddy Finder itself). If possible, meet at an established camping ground where there are amenities like food stands and bathrooms. It’s safer that way because if things don’t work out, you can always change your Fishing Buddy Finder location settings so that they never find you again.

When you get together for fishing fun, make sure to bring along all of the equipment. Fishing poles are good things to share because everybody has their own favorite lures and bait (learn about Fishing Lures  and Fishing Bait ). You’ll probably also want tackle boxes so that each person has his or her own place to put their worms and bobbers (find more information on Fishing Tackle Boxes ).

Finally, you might consider bringing something else – Fishing Buddies! Fishing Buddies or Fishing Buddies Pro will alert you whenever somebody nearby posts a fishing report. When this happens, check it out right away, tag the Fishing Buddy’s Fishing Buddy Finder profile to let them know that you’re interested in fishing together, and ask for their coordinates.

These apps will make your Fishing Buddies experience perfect every time! Fishing Buddies is free (for individuals) to download so go ahead and get it now on Fishing Buddies Online . Fishing Buddies Pro  will run $0.99 per month after the trial period expires. If you want to connect with  users, try Fishing Buddy Finder  (it’s also free). Still got questions? Check out our Fishing Forums .

That’s all there is to finding Fishing Buddies online! Good luck and happy fishing!